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  • LED Rigid Bar
  • LED Rigid Bar
  • LED Rigid Bar
  • LED Rigid Bar
  • LED Rigid Bar
  • LED Rigid Bar
LED Rigid Bar

1.Length of LED Rigid strip: 0.5M or 1.0M
2.SMD3528、2835、5050、5630、3014、335、3030、3020LED as lighting sources
3.Material: black aluminum body and silver aluminum body
4.0.5meter strip can be connected in series with 8pcs together; 1.0meter strip can be connected in series with 4pcs together 
5.Beam Angle: 120 degrees
6.Working voltage: DC12V/24V
7.No ultraviolet and infrared radiation, low heat-release, long lifetime for 50000hours
8.Fix Ways: fixed type and adjustable type, it can be used in different places according to your detailed requirement
9.Solid-state, high shock/vibration resistant, low power consumption, high intensity

1. Read the instructions carefully before assembling

2. Be sure power off before use, and choose the correct power supply.

3. Do not look the light sources directly with your eyes and do not touch the product surface when it is lighting

4. Rigid LED light bar can be used indoors and outdoors

5. Please do not use the product as children's toy

.Interior design, such as decoration of home, hotel, KTV, bar, disco, club etc.
2.Architectural design, such as Decorative lighting of buildings, edge lighting decoration etc.
3.Advertisement project, such as Outdoor illuminated signs, billboard decoration etc.
4.Display design, such as decoration of drinks cabinet, shoe cabinet, jewelry counter etc.
5.Underwater lighting engineering, such as decoration of fish tank , aquarium, fountain etc.
6.City beautification, landscape design, holiday decoration and so on.